I’m a brand expert, website designer and freelance graphic designer in Leicestershire. My work fuels your business’s success through a clear communication strategy and the power of bold creative ideas.

I create Logo Designs, Brand Identities, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Design and Advertising concepts that articulate your unique story to your audience. I design for: FMCG, Luxury, Lifestyle, Schools, Corporates, Organisations, and Startups.

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Graphic Design

I’m a freelance graphic designer in Leicestershire. I’ve worked on several major and startup brands over the years (Siobhian R. Hodges Author, Gatling Gun Productions, ElecDrive and Brinvale Bird Foods), crafting their story and helping them secure contracts with top buyers.

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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is not what you say it is, it’s what ‘they’ say it is. It’s not just a logo design or a slogan. It starts as a story and lives on as a promise. As a freelance graphic designer in Leicestershire – my passion is helping all my clients find their story and then give them the means to communicate it creatively and visually to their target audience.

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Logo Design

A great logo design is one that is: simple, memorable, adaptable and timeless. As a professional logo designer and freelance graphic designer in Leicestershire – I explore the current design trends and your market to create the strongest logo design ideas and visual associations that get across who you are and what you stand for.

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Web Design

A website design needs to be aesthetically and functionally beautiful on all devices. As a freelance web designer in Leicestershire I design and develop WordPress websites, with a focus on mobile and search engine optimisation.

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Good advertising grabs public attention, whether that be through traditional graphic design (billboards, posters), digital design (PPC Adverts, Banner Ads), television, or any other medium. When we go about our day to day business, a great Ad concept can stop us in our tracks and create an emotional response. I specialise in creating meaningful and highly creative advertising campaigns for print and digital.

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Print & Digital Marketing

The job doesn’t stop at the launch of a new identity. Your audience want to stay up to date with what’s going on – and you need to keep them interested all year round. I regularly work on brochure designs, banner ad designs, landing page website designs & social marketing content for all types of clients, from FMCG to government organisations.